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Fan Yang arrived in Canada in 2004 and achieved his real estate agent license in 2009. In 2012, he established the Fan Yang Team, quickly ascending to the top 1% of Century 21 Canada. Collaborating with Morning Yu in 2018, Fan Yang co-founded Laboutique Real Estate in Vancouver and also partnered with George Fahmy to launch Mozaic Real Estate in Edmonton that same year. In 2019, the Fan Yang Team merged with Morning Yu’s team to form the Morning Yu and Fan Yang Team, consistently ranking among the top five in Greater Vancouver real estate.

Since its inception, the Morning Yu and Fan Yang Team has aimed to lead Greater Vancouver’s real estate industry with unity, love, integrity, and joy. Their values of “win-win-win” and “love yourself, love others, love society” shape their approach, expanding their reach to Vancouver, Kelowna, and Edmonton, where they have served over 3000 families with personalized buying and selling solutions, earning widespread acclaim.

Going beyond transactional services, the Morning Yu and Fan Yang Team specializes in bespoke solutions tailored to each family’s unique needs, striving for the shared goal of comfortable and harmonious living. They provide meticulous guidance from market analysis and property selection to mortgage advice and legal matters, ensuring seamless processes at every stage. For the team, real estate transactions mark the start of a family’s future happiness, prioritizing communication, trust, and client-focused decision-making.

Every member of the Morning Yu and Fan Yang Team undergoes rigorous professional training, equipped with exceptional service and problem-solving skills to deliver top-tier service in a complex real estate landscape. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, they are dedicated to realizing the property dreams of more families and creating brighter futures ahead.


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